Nordic Milk OÜ | Farmi Piimatööstus

Volume of manual input in HRM processes needed to be tackled

The 200-year-old company needed a new HRM solution to tackle the large amount of manual input and support the company’s complex structure.

Tere AS can trace its beginnings back to the late 1800s, when Daniel Callisen created the forerunner of Tallinna Piimatööstus, a steam-powered creamery. Today, the company is mainly engaged in the purchase of raw milk, as well as the production and sale of dairy products. The production units are located in Viljandi and Põlva and the company also has a subsidiary – Meierei Transport. The values of Tere AS include cooperation, passion and professionalism. Their mission as a cohesive and thoughtful team is to provide people with products that exceed expectations. Tere's product list includes more than 150 products, the best-known brands of which are Merevaik, Emma, Haps and Tere.


  • Many different types of remuneration, which resulted in a large number of manual calculations
  • Company-specific types of absence
  • Within one company, employees are managed by region


As an ERP solution, Dynamics AX is used, with which HRM4Baltics was interfaced.

  • HRM4Baltics Extended package
  • X-Road services: Unemployment Insurance Fund and Employment Register
  • Interface: ERP Movex
  • Interface: Dynamics AX and Sharepoint Vacation Tracker


  • Automated payroll accounting
  • Configuration of user permissions so that each HR and payroll accountant can edit and view the employees they manage
  • Automatic interface with the state – direct exchange with the state from the HRM4Baltics Solution, regarding information on employment relationships and certificates of incapacity for work
  • Interface with Sharepoint Vacation Tracker to process and send holiday requests as a basis for payroll accounting


Production 201 - 500 people Finished

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