Why choose HRM4Baltics

Why HRM4Baltics?

Can the payroll accounting at the end of the month, along with performance pay, bonuses and additional remuneration, take only minutes? Yes, it can – if you choose an all-encompassing solution, where all data is located in one system, enabling even the most intricate fee structures to be automatically calculated. Additionally, our extensive human resource management functionality enables the digitalisation of all employee-related processes.

Incomparable speed and comfort

  • As processes, human resource management, working time calculation and payroll accounting with the self-service portal are closely intertwined. For optimal efficiency, the best solution is integration: single data entry, with the entered data accessible to all software users.

    Digitalisation simplifies and accelerates processes, enabling HR management professionals to dedicate more time to value-adding activities.

    The Business Intelligence module within the solution provides users with real-time data to help track and identify trends, thereby facilitating better management decisions.

  • More and more companies across the Baltics operate in more than one country, which has increased the need for a payroll and human resource solution spanning the entire region.

    A unified software solution enables the possibility to harmonise the company’s processes across the Baltics and ensures data comparability throughout the group.


  • The one-time movement of data enhances user workflow. In addition to saving time, one-time data entry improves data quality and reduces the proportion of errors due to human error.

  • Payroll accounting is based on correct underlying data, including correctly entered working hours and standard working time. In the HRM4Baltics solution, it is possible to schedule working hours and enter the hours actually worked. The solution can be integrated with external time and attendance applications.

    It is possible to keep records of working time on a monthly basis, as well as set up calculation periods with a different length/beginning.

    Working time can be entered into the timesheets as specific times or on an hourly basis, as well as on the basis of predefined shifts and working time templates. The system automatically detects night hours and public holiday hours, and their remuneration in payroll accounting is automatic.

    In the HRM4Baltics solution, it is possible to set up different approval rounds, which can be applied for confirming both the working schedule and the time actually worked.

    If a timesheet is approved, standard working hours are calculated based on it in case of absences.

  • HRM4Baltics is one of the most flexible payroll software solutions on the Baltic market. The solution allows you to set up different types of remuneration, absence and deductions on a client-by-client basis and describe a calculation logic for each.

    When describing calculations, any parameter can be used, including percentages, seniority, skills, documents, and warnings.

    It is also possible to create different schemes for the distribution of labour costs, eg on the basis of hours worked, percentages, proportions of wages in previous months, etc.


  • The data is located in a secure Microsoft Cloud environment, in an isolated database.

    The data is stored and processed in data centres in the EU (Ireland and the Netherlands).

    Microsoft is responsible for the security and backup of the solution.

    The solution meets the GDPR requirements.

    The solution meets international standards (eg ISO27001, SOC 1 Type 2, SOC 2 Type 2, etc.)

    The solution uses Microsoft Entra ID (previously Azure Active Directory) as the authentication method.


HRM4Baltics automates HRM and payroll processes within an organisation and is specifically designed to meet the needs of demanding medium-sized and large companies.

All HRM processes are managed in one solution

Automatic calculation of remuneration types and benefits

Comprehensive reporting, including HRM analysis, statistics and national reports

Compatibility with Microsoft365 ecosystem

Personal consultant and professional user support

Fewer human errors and less manual input

Client-specific payroll configuration

Data stored securely in one place

Automated communication with the state – ETCB (employment register, TSD form), Pension Centre, Health Insurance Fund

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One smart platform for your HR and payroll processes

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