Every business software project starts with setting goals and mapping the needs and scope of the forthcoming solution. Project success is guaranteed when both the client and the executor comprehend each other's expectations and capabilities, collaborating to identify the optimal solution together.

Deployment partners

Prior consultation

Consultation allows us to get a quick overview of each other’s expectations and possibilities. These appointments typically last 2–3 hours.


During the consultation, the following will be mapped:

  • the main business and technological objectives of the project, including the scope of the future solution
  • potential larger integrations with third-party solutions

The client gets:

  • an estimate of the scope of investments

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Timeframe and price

There are multiple ways to get started, including a free introductory consultation, diagnostics, or even a comprehensive mapping and analysis of needs. The decision depends on the readiness of the client and the extent to which decisions have been made within the company. The goal of each of the stages is to help the client find the best solution and successfully implement the enterprise resource planning software.

Based on the collected information, we determine the scope of the solution, compile a general vision, and prepare an offer for the next stage. We will then provide an estimate of the project investment. The price will be determined after consultation and analysis.

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