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HRM4Baltics automates HRM and payroll processes in Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian companies, and is specifically designed to meet the needs of demanding medium-sized and large enterprises.

Extensive functionality – all HRM processes are managed in one place

Client-specific timesheet configuration

Available in all three Baltic States

Complex wage systems are fast and automated

One-time data entry, ie fewer mistakes and less manual input

Excellent reporting and data security

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The solution is designed for companies with higher demands, prioritising maximum automation, integration with governmental systems, comprehensive employee oversight, and transparent information exchange.

Amserv Grupp
1 / 10
  • ‘In the end, the key thing is to be a reliable partner. This starts with understanding what you are doing; in looking around with open eyes and incorporating everything that’s valuable into your management system. When digitalising, you are thinking about efficiency in the broadest sense.’

    Andrus Leppik | Kodumaja


  • ‘In book selling, digital solutions are becoming more and more important every day’

    Priit Peterson | Rahva Raamat


  • 'We gather data from diverse sources to create a solid analysis tool for the management. In today's world, there's a diminishing desire for manual labour, so every task feasible for automation and equipment should be executed as such.’

    Meelis Kruusmann | Estonian Air Navigation Services


  • ‘The crucial aspect is consolidating all essential data into one place, ie all employees handle the same numbers. While adapting to new software may be easier for some and more challenging for others, the ultimate objective should be evident to all: a more efficient and error-free work environment.’

    Urmas Kriisa | Elering

    Financial Analyst of Elering

  • ‘The document we open for each employee, which we call the Day 1 page, used to be retyped three to four times and handled by three to four people! This is now all in the past – it is only done once and is constantly updated. We analysed the entire company's processes, from accounting to service, payroll, invoicing and mail service.’

    Rinel Pius | SOL Baltics


  • ‘Accountants are generally conservative folks, and updating software that has been the same for several years is not so easy. At the same time, it is a personal activity and it is important that each user can set up the software according to their own needs. Furthermore, we aim to enhance the integration of warehouse management software and discontinue the use of separate HR programs. The primary objective shared by nearly every innovation is to minimise human hand movements in data entering.’

    Tõnu Vanajuur | Amserv Grupp


  • ‘It's fantastic – if you don't know where something is, it will search the entire program in both English and Estonian. In addition, you can personalise your favourite reports, and new solutions offer all sorts of exciting new possibilities.’

    Kaire Koik | Klick Eesti


  • ‘To a large extent, a company can only be managed with figures, and accurate measurement is the fundamental basis of the management board. Of course, there will always be a touch of subjectivity involved, but gut feeling can't be the main criterion for decision making.’

    Andrus Allikoja | Nevotex Narva

    Factory Manager

  • ‘Automation and robotisation are gaining momentum on the back of what is an overall trend in industry. We see a lot of opportunities for growth, because of which we have also invested heavily in the development of our organisation.’

    Martin Sutrop | Tech Group


  • ‘The impact of software should not be underestimated by any manufacturer!’

    Aivar Aus | Premia Külmhoone


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Smart and organised HR management, working time planning and management of remuneration models

  • 1 / 3
    • Employee details
    • Training and training plans
    • Absences and vacation schedule
    • Occupational health and safety
    • Recruitments, on-off boarding
    • Automatic notifications
  • 1 / 3
    • Working time planning and accounting
    • Enforcement agent’s debt claims
    • Payroll
    • Payslips
  • 1 / 3
    • Employee data and change requests
    • Holiday applications, balances
    • Applications and requests
    • Expense reports
    • Business trips
  • 1 / 3
    • Company overview
    • Employee diversity
    • Structure
    • Absences
    • Incapacity for work
    • Amount of remuneration and labour costs
    • Remuneration by structural unit
    • Recruitments
    • Employee departures (including reasons for departure)
    • Staff mobility (including departures during probationary period)
    • Working time accounting
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