Oldest bread producer in Estonia solved its complex payroll system with the HRM4Baltics solution

A number of complex salary models, changing bonuses and the need to automate HR management led the company to invest in a new HRM solution.

Leibur is the oldest bakery in Estonia and considers it very important to pass on the local baking traditions. Leibur offers clean and genuine flavours while prioritising the well-being of its employees. Employee safety is the cornerstone of their operations. Every day, about 53,000 loaves of dark bread and 125,000 loaves of white bread are produced.


  • Many different types of remuneration, complex payroll accounting
  • Calculation of additional remuneration changes monthly
  • Special bases for additional remuneration
  • Percentage-based calculation of the additional remuneration
  • Adjusting wages mid-month poses challenges


  • HRM4Baltics Extended package
  • Stafflogic interface
  • Infor M3 interface
  • X-Road services: Unemployment Insurance Fund and Employment Register

The solution is interfaced with the Infor ERP solution.


  • Automated payroll accounting
  • Automatic accounting of company-specific types of absence
  • Automatic calculation of different types of additional remuneration
  • All payroll, human resources and financial information in one solution
  • Automatic interface with the state – direct exchange with the state from the HRM4Baltics Solution, regarding information on employment relationships and certificates of incapacity for work
  • Automatic creation of employee data in an external solution
  • Transfer of working hours from an external solution through the interface


Production 201 - 500 people Finished

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