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How can you recruit 150 people every month? HRM is the most important and intricate process in SOL

A company that recruits 150 people a month, where the workload of a contract employee ranges from 1% to 100%, and where it is necessary to enter data from anywhere, demanded a powerful solution.

BCS Itera HRM lahendus

SOL’s HRM solution is one of the most business-critical information systems precisely because of its highly dynamic processes. SOL is an international property maintenance and support company. The predecessor of SOL was founded in Finland as early as 1848. This is a family business, the values and principles of which are also reflected in everyday management. SOL offers services in the Baltic States, Finland, Sweden and Denmark. SOL's core values include a shiny, happy customer, an entrepreneurial spirit and a love of work.


  • Fast and extensive recruitment process
  • Many forms of contract
  • A complex payroll system involving various types of additional remuneration and accounting of company-specific types of remuneration
  • A lot of manual input during payroll accounting (eg advance accounting, deductions, etc.)
  • The need for uniform working time calculation and scheduling
  • The need to use the employee self-service platform (particularly from a manager’s perspective)
  • Managing finances and payroll from separate solutions


The company’s ERP solution is Dynamics 365 Business Central, with the addition of the HRM4Baltics module.

  • HRM4Baltics Extended package
  • X-Road services: Unemployment Insurance Fund and Employment Register


  • 10× faster recruitment
  • Several automated solutions speed up monthly payroll processing
  • All payroll, human resources and financial information in one solution
  • Data needs to be entered only once
  • Bulk sending of payslips
  • Automatic interface with the state – direct exchange with the state from the HRM4Baltics Solution, regarding information on employment relationships and certificates of incapacity for work
  • Automated working time accounting, including the entry of additional remuneration by managers into the timesheet

‘The document we open for each employee, which we call the Day 1 page, used to be retyped three to four times and handled by three to four people! This is now all in the past – it is only done once and is constantly updated. We analysed the entire company's processes, from accounting to service, payroll, invoicing and mail service.’

Rinel Pius | SOL Baltics CEO

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