Limestone Factories of Estonia

The mining industry is being digitalised and smart solutions are in demand

In recent years, one of the oldest mining companies in Estonia has invested in digitalisation. This includes ERP and HRM solutions.

Limestone Factories of Estonia is engaged in the processing of natural stone and is one of the oldest stone miners and processors in Estonia. The forerunner of the company is Paekivitoodete Tehas OÜ. The company's factory is located in Saaremaa, while the head office and showroom are in Tallinn. In recent years, both ERP and HRM solutions have been updated.


  • The need to manage a range of HR data (including training and medical checks)
  • The need to manage the schedule of shift workers
  • Many different calculations of additional remuneration, including based on percentage of salary paid
  • The need for reporting on wage and production comparisons


As an ERP solution, the company uses the Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP software, which includes the HRM4Baltics module.

  • HRM4Baltics Extended package
  • X-Road services: Unemployment Insurance Fund and Employment Register


  • Automated payroll and additional remuneration accounting
  • All payroll, HR and financial information in one solution – data from one module can be used in another (eg using production data as a basis for payroll)
  • The ability to use payroll analyses to display data from different payroll accounts, thus enabling the creation of multiple reports
  • Automatic interface with the state – direct exchange with the state from the HRM4Baltics Solution, regarding information on employment relationships and certificates of incapacity for work
  • Payroll and working hour accounting in the same solution


Production 51 - 100 people Finished

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