Support process

Support process

Solid support after deployment

Business solutions play a central role in the continuity of a company’s day-to-day operations. Because of this, we offer our clients a solid support team – a project manager and a consultant who understand your business needs and are ready to respond quickly.

Through a pan-Baltic partner network, we offer support in the local language with competence in country-specific legislation.

Terms of support

Each of our clients has a specific team that is familiar with the specifics of the company's solution, and who can be contacted with questions and new requirements if necessary. To manage the client's work and questions, we use the international service portal Jira across the Baltics.
  • We offer the client a Service Level Agreement, which sets out the terms and conditions of the collaboration, including:

    • response time in the case of problems
    • response time in the case of new requirements
    • support pricing
    • support team
  • The client can order additional training for new recruits. Additional training is often requested to implement all existing or future functionality of the solution.

  • Businesses are constantly evolving and changing. Because of this, new solutions may need to be added and implemented occasionally. Our consultants are ready to work with you to find a solution.

  • Each year, in spring and in autumn, Microsoft releases two major new versions of Business Central. Together with the new version of Business Central, the HRM4Baltics solution will also be updated.

    • In the Microsoft Cloud environment, the version is updated automatically.
    • In the case of a private solution, the date of implementation of the new version is agreed with the client.

    The HRM4Baltics solution is updated monthly.

  • Laws are amended and supplemented every year. We will ensure that legislative improvements are made in all countries before the laws come into force.

Practical service portal

Jira is a popular international service environment designed to manage software development and projects. It helps to systematise tasks related to the deployment and support of the solution.

Why Jira

  • Information reaches the right parties and is not lost
  • The client can see the workflow, status and progress of the tasks
  • All data in one place
  • The client’s history and completed work are preserved

Deployment and customer support partners